I worked in the University of Glasgow Archive to develop art in response to the archive. It’s been amazing to have access to records dating back to 1451! Though most of the items I’ve been focusing on relate to the move by the University from its city centre location to Gilmorehill in 1870. When looking at these records I’m consistently in awe of the beauty and excitement of Glaswegians and the overall pride in the city of Glasgow.

Every box that I pulled out from the archive exhibited another beautiful array of information but also artifacts of the history of this wonderful city. As I looked through the records of Senate minutes from the late 1800s, Student Calendars predating 1930s and student academic journals I started to exhibit the same pride of the University of Glasgow as they did. Every time I pass Gilmorehill’s main building I discuss it with pride inclusive of it’s long history and beauty. There were many characters who helped make this University great but the beauty lies in all the people even the lesser known names that have been part of the University community. I hope that you find joy in my artwork as I have found joy in the archive.